Rattan Pendant Lights Explore your Ceiling by making your House Flamboyant

Pendant lights are hangings types, which are generally mistaken with chandeliers. The name pendant has been given to it because like a pendant it is tied to a string and then hanged down. Chandeliers have different designs and artwork but pendant lights are larger and showy.

When people think of lighting their house only three things come to their mind, lamps, ceiling mounted fixtures and chandeliers. However, creativity can be explored to a broad extent.

A pendant light isn’t confined to limited places like dining area, desk or floor. You can explore different kinds of pendant lamps for various places. Such lamps are also called wicker lamps as wicker in Swedish means bend willow.

There are various options available in wicker pendant lamp, which is woven with various types of cane like material that can be rattan, reed, willow, bamboo or synthetic fiber.

Nowadays, rattan is used more frequently as it is easily grown and harvested faster than timber trees. Since people are getting more and touchier about nature they prefer rattan products instead of timber. Moreover, it is easily grown and price is also considerate.

Here are some ways of decorating pendant lights above your dining table –

  • Combine them in clusters by choosing odd sizes of suspended lights. Hang them in different heights, which offer a dramatic look.
  • Install, dimmers which can allow you to relax after dinner and provide good bright light during meals.
  • The overhanging light should be decorative so that it matches the décor of your table and surrounding walls.
  • If you choose wicker pendant it spreads light all over the place, compared to glass lamps that offer downward illusion.

Keeping these few things in mind one can create an attractive look around the space. Start with rattan products if you’re close to nature and check various shopping sites for the prices.