Choosing 1300 Number For your Business

There are various benefits of having 1300 number for your business and this post will tell you about those benefits and also give advice on choosing the 1300 number and Simple Telecom.

A 1300 number helps the customer as it helps them to make calls to your business from anywhere in the country for a local call rate. Apart from this, there are many other benefits for your business such as:

  • These numbers are easy to remember when compared with standard numbers.
  • It can offer legitimacy even to small business startups, because of the fact that such numbers were only used large businesses.
  • It provides the business with great potential since customers can all your business from anywhere.
  • This number can be moved along with the business since it is completely portable.
  • It has wonderful additional features such as call tracking, monitoring, and call handling.

How to choose the best number for your business

While choosing the ideal 1300 number, you should know what you will be using this number for. If you want it only for call handling and routing features, then you probably need a free pool number. This is free 1300 number and it comes in random numbers with no particular pattern to remember.

If you want to use 1300 number for promotion purposes, then it should be memorable. An easy number to remember pattern will be needed in that case. The best types of such numbers for branding and marketing purpose are called smart numbers and they include:

  • Name number: These have the name of your business
  • Word numbers: These numbers say the name of service or product you offer
  • Premium numbers: These numbers include high recall numbers which are easily memorable.